Virtual Accounting


Financial Software Hosting

Financial software hosting provides a variety of key advantages for SMBs including cost savings, agility, flexibility, and data security. Businesses currently using in-house servers or running their accounting software from machines apart from a network work at a constant disadvantage while also adding money and wasting time that could all be saved with software hosting. When your business adopts cloud computing, your financial software is able to be accessed from any computer, machine, or device. All that is required is a quick installation and an internet connection. Financial professionals can collaborate and share data as software hosting allows users to access information simultaneously and in real-time. This means no longer mailing CDRs and thumb-drives to accountants and clients only to have to track changes in spreadsheets and update the files at a later date. The flexibility and agility of software hosting is unmatched and a huge time-saver.

DISCLAIMER: The hosting and related services are currently being offered thru Insynq, a third party company. Our firm is not in any way affiliated with that company we just use thier services just as you do. We simply linked the log in for the comfortability of our clients into our website. Therefore we shall not bear any responsibility or liability associated with the services or security of related services.

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